Exploring New Worlds In ZKP Privacy

Columbus DAO is pioneering the evolution from DeFi to PriFi with cross-ecosystem, chain-agnostic, zk-powered innovations.

Project Columbus is an open-source, decentralized and DAO-governed community project aimed to build a Universal Privacy Settlement (UPS) layer across all blockchains. First built on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Findora, the project leverages its team members’ in-depth expertise in ZKP and MPC cryptography, low-level system integration and experience on multiple smart contract platforms to build a chain-agnostic zero-knowledge powered middleware that can empower Private DeFi applications across all EVM-compatible chains. The applications include but are not limited to multi-chain asset exchange and value-added service platform. The middleware will be extended to non-EVM-compatible chains in the future as well.

What is our Mission

We will open DeFi to the billions of underbanked around the world by building a Universal Privacy Settlement (UPS) layer across all blockchains. We use cutting-edge cryptography and decentralized technology to empower privacy in web3:






Recursive SNARKs



Project Columbus identifies and collaborates with leading zk protocols like Findora to build all the necessary components of a Universal Privacy Settlement (UPS) layer across all blockchains. With UPS, Columbus provides financial services to the billions of underbanked and millions of web3 users with groundbreaking decentralized applications.

This suite of upcoming dapps are expected to help unlock a trillion dollar total addressable market for private DeFi (aka PriFi), including privacy vault/payment/asset management, in a word, private banking for every web3 citizen. 

Join ColumbusDAO

A group of evnagelists of zk-oriented technologies, we are leading the evolution from TradFi into PriFi, creating a private, chain agnostic future for the whole web3 using advanced cryptography to help users attain true decentralized digital dignity.

Columbus DAO is a social contract. We are gathered under the spirit of the Cypherpunk Manifesto: “for privacy to be widespread it must be part of a social contract.

Your application will be reviewed by our governance committee. Feel free to read proposals, comment, and put your own ideas forward. Come and say hello!

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is the world’s first decentralized app (dApp) for private cross-chain transactions. It makes all coins private.

With a simple user interface, a user can deposit USDC or any major coins of choice on Ethereum through Metamask, then withdraw BUSD on BNB Chain without leaving a publicly traceable trail. Under the hood, the transaction is secured by highly optimized cryptographic primitives and circuits including use case specific zkSNARKs (Turbo-PLONKs) and more.

Upcoming Products

Columbus is working on other ZKP-powered dApps as well

  • A decentralized, privacy-preserving vault
  • Confidential money markets
  • Zk-NFTs that preserve anonymity
  • Fundraising for Privacy DAOs
  • Front-running resistant Dark Pool DEXs
  • Private Asset Pooling
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